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Opening the Third Eye 3 • Advanced Brainwave Meditation Series

Advanced Brainwave Meditation Series

This album contains both alpha and theta wave, designed to stimulate the pineal gland and open the third eye. The result is elevated consciousness. This is some of the most powerful meditation music in existence, DO NOT LISTEN WHILE DRIVING, as it may cause drowsiness. 

The 'Advanced Series' is designed for those familiar and experienced with brainwave entrainment mediation. The brainwave entrainment is designed to be extremely gentle modulation blended perfectly within the music, that is just as powerful as pure tones. We have developed a custom and completely unique technique created by Woodcock Productions for Transcending Vibrations. 

Listen through quality speakers and let your mind wander free. We recommend listening once a day, this is all that is required to gain the maximum benefit. While listening, sit or lay in a relaxed, comfortable position. Breathing will naturally become slow and deep while meditating. Headphones will work great, however they are not required.



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The complete discography of Pinealwave. Elevate your consciousness. 

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With this subscription, you will receive access to the entire 'Transcending Vibrations' discography and also receive amazing meditations for subscribers only. Join on a monthly basis and cancel anytime.  This is an amazing deal, for $10 per month, we also include, as an added bonus, album downloads of our latest work, which are yours to keep forever. This is the ultimate meditation collection covering every frequency range extensively. This includes over 50 albums of high quality brainwave entrainment, the most effective type of meditation. From pure tones, to musical soundscapes, we offer a vast array of different styles and benefits. For the maximum benefit, simply listen and let your mind wander free, while sitting comfortably, for about 15 min a day. It's as easy as that. It's good to listen to different meditations each day, for different benefits. The power of meditation is amazing. This is the path to higher consciousness! 

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Subscribe to Pinealwave Radio powered through BandCamp. This will give you complete access to the entire 'Pinealwave' discography as well as subscriber only meditations not available anywhere else. As an added bonus, with a 1 month, $5 subscription, you with receive our latest album as a free download which is yours to keep forever.  With the subscription, you will continue to receive benefits, however you can cancel anytime, try it out for a month!

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Brainwave Entrainment Meditation Music


Through the use of brainwave entrainment, mixed with ambient soundscapes and music, we offer an extremely powerful type of meditation. The effects are almost instant, and very powerful, the benefits are truly amazing.  Brainwave entrainment consists of isochronic tones, monaural beats, binaural beats, or even modulation and is the easiest way to increase gamma, beta, alpha, theta, or delta wave activity. Brainwave entrainment allows one to benefit from frequencies lower than humans are capable or hearing by perceiving them through fluctuating tones and vibrations. The brain is made up of neurons which communicate through the use of electrical impulses. These impulses result in brainwaves which can be detected and measured. We experience a combination of multiple brainwaves at any given time. Entrainment focuses on a specific zone that becomes the dominate brainwave throughout the meditation. Brainwave entrainment, or neural entrainment, causes the electrical activity of the neurons to synchronize to the pulse of the external stimuli. These fluctuating oscillations are measured in Hertz (Hz). By listening to the proper vibrations, the desired brainwave or state of consciousness can easily be achieved. The speed of the pulse determines the brainwave zone, for example 9 Hz per second would increase alpha wave activity, which is between 8-14 Hz.  By stimulating the proper zones, the deepest form of mediation is possible and easy to achieve, even upon the first time listening. With brainwave entrainment, all you have to do play the music and let your mind wander free. Daily mediation brings amazing benefits and you will feel it working upon the first session. Our brains are capable of extrasensory perception, all one must do is stimulate the proper brainwave zones. Transcending Vibrations and Pinealwave is your path to higher consciousness. We produce amazingly effective brainwave entrainment music for a vast array of benefits. We have a subscription service though BandCamp, we are on YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, and Apple Music. Our specialized music is listed under two different names, Transcending Vibrations is the main artist name, and also Pinealwave is the second artist name, focused on pineal gland stimulation for amazing third eye opening. Check out our YouTube channel for thousands of amazing reviews. 

Brian Woodcock


 Transcending Vibrations and Pinealwave is produced by Woodcock Productions. Brian has over 21 years experience in music production and has produced over 65 albums in several different genres. Brian focuses on free, original creation that uses different elements from many different styles . Our meditation music  is 100% unique, using a type of song structure designed for brainwave entrainment and perfected over the years. The idea was to create the most relaxing music possible, with a specific purpose of elevating consciousness through brainwave meditation. 

Transcending Vibrations • Pinealwave


Transcending Vibrations is the main artist name with over 50 albums now available.  Pinealwave is our second artist name and focuses on third eye opening, which is pineal gland activation. Bandcamp is the main site for our music. We use Bandcamp to handle the majority of our online sales because they are well known and trusted. They also allow you to listen to the entire tracks, free of charge.  The Transcending Vibrations YouTube Channel also contains all of the albums as well with the full versions of each meditation! We are also on iTunes, Spotify, and Apple Music.

Brainwave Zones

This is a brief overview of the different brainwave zones and the related frequencies for each zone. 

Brainwave Zones (pdf)



Instant Third Eye Stimulation

Meditation Benefits

Gamma Wave

gamma wave isochronic tone

100 Hz - 40 Hz  • Benefits Include:

Higher Consciousness, Euphoria, Enhanced Clarity, Enhanced Focus, Improved Mental Performance, Improved Mood, Enhanced and Amplified Creativity... Gamma waves are the fastest measured brainwaves. 

(Mid - Low) Beta Wave

beta wave isochronic tone

22 Hz - 14 Hz • Benefits Include:

 Increased Energy, Optimal Performance, Increased Mental Ability, Enhanced Learning, Lucid Thought...NOTE: High Beta, (which is 39 Hz - 22 Hz), is not very beneficial for meditation because this zone will cause anxiety and nervousness. 

Alpha Wave

alpha wave isochronic tone

14 Hz - 8 Hz • Benefits Include:

 Increased Creativity and Imagination, Stress and Anxiety Reduction, Improved Mood, Enhanced Problem Solving, Receptive to Information, Relaxation, Reduction in Fear, Tension, and Nervousness,  Mindfulness Meditation, etc.

Alpha/Theta Wave • 7.83 Hz


In between alpha and theta wave is the most powerful zone for meditation. This is also referred to as the Schumann Resonance, (which is 7.83 Hz), this is the natural electromagnetic frequency of earth in which all life evolved under for billions of years. This is why, as Nikola Tesla said, " Our entire biological system, the brain, and the earth itself work on the same frequencies."

Theta Wave

theta wave

8 Hz - 4 Hz • Benefits Include:

Pineal Gland Stimulation, Increases Extrasensory Perception, Higher Level of Intuition, Lucid Dream State, Spiritual Connection, Zen Meditation,  Increased Inspiration... Theta wave is a deeply relaxing meditation. Theta wave occurs at the 1st stage of sleep and REM sleep. Alpha and theta wave are the two most powerful zones for meditation.

Delta Wave

delta wave

4 Hz - .5 Hz • Benefits Include:

Stronger Immune System, Pituitary Stimulation, Mind and Body Rejuvenation, Hair Growth, Self-Healing, Restful Sleep, Pain Relief, etc... Delta wave meditation brings the benefits of deep sleep, the release of human growth hormone, and melatonin. Delta wave is the slowest measured brainwaves and is best when listened to before going to sleep.


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