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Pineal Gland Stimulation

Pinealwave focuses on third eye opening through pineal gland stimulation using advanced brainwave entrainment. The third eye is the mind's eye and the connection to endless creativity and inspiration. About 15-30 min daily is all it takes the receive the full benefits of third eye opening. The benefits are instant, however pineal gland calcification does play a part in slowing the results. These meditations are extremely powerful.

Extrasensory Perception

The mind is capable of perceiving many different senses, some remain unexplained. When the pineal gland is stimulated by being placed in the proper zone, we are capable of different types of extrasensory perception. It usually starts by recognizing connections and cycles of amazing coincidence. 

Higher Consciousness

With daily third eye opening meditation, you will find a higher level of awareness. You will begin to notice strange connections and you will discover a much greater trust in your own intuition. You will see the truth in your own life, the world around, and have an elevated insight. Multiple dimensions may exist within the same space and the mind's eye may be able to connect to information from beyond what is known. Meditation is like exercise for the brain and with exercise, comes increased strength and power. 

Increased Levels of Creativity

The third eye is the connection to a core of endless creativity and inspiration some refer to this as source. This has been known throughout ancient times and this is why the pineal gland is a commonly found symbol of the gods. With third eye meditation, you will become more creative than ever before. 


Listen at a low, comfortable volume and just let your mind wander free. Your breathing will naturally become slow and deep. We recommend 15 - 30 mins daily for great results. Sit or lay in a comfortable position or in a typical yoga meditation pose. With the third eye opening series, headphones are not required. Any type of speakers, earbuds, or headphones with work perfectly.  Check our YouTube channel for thousands of anonymous people describing their amazing results. 


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